Mário A. G. Leal - Penjing landscape

Mário A. G. Leal - Penjing landscape

Kniha s venovaním - je osobne podpísaná autorom Mário A. G. Leal (limitovaný počet)

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Mário A. G. Leal - Penjing landscape

After a long time thinking about writing a book about Bonsai Landscape - Water and Land and observing the difficulty of finding texts about this topic in our country, I feel a great pleasure of accomplishing it as well as to add a little of Brazil in this particular Art. I've searched my way and I want to share it. Allow yourself to improve and expand the possibilities here presented. It is the opportunity to show some works and a path to follow. I intend to teach the simple.

A Chinese Art
Autor: Mário Alberto Garcia Leal
Počet strán: 80
Jazyk: Portugalčina/Angličtina
Krajina pôvodu: Brazília
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